418 629-6464
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266 boulevard saint-benoit o, Amqui, CA G5J2E8


Déjeuner, fruits de mer, poulets, fines pizza, pizza, poissons, steaks, filet mignons, cipaille, oeuf à la bénédictine, omelette


* Les prix ne comprennent pas les consommations, les taxes et les pourboires. Les prix sont affichés en dollars canadiens (CAD).


Heures d'ouverture

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266 boulevard saint-benoit o, Amqui, G5J2E8
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Expérience soumis le 26 Jul 2018 par Cédric Senneville
Breakfast not included. Pricey, best to go to Carletown for more for your bucks.
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Expérience soumis le 25 Apr 2018 par michael gendron
Rooms are quite small and might be in need of renovation. Otherwise, restaurant is good and open at 6am, which is very usefull
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Expérience soumis le 11 Aug 2018 par Vernon Stone
The rooms was ok the bed was very hard and for one night paid to much
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Expérience soumis le 21 Aug 2016 par Sam Yu
Great experience, the receptionist spoke English and got us to our room quick. The rooms were very clean and organized, and there were a ton of amenities inside as well. The design was very modern and looked very nice for the price. Overall I would definitely stay there again.
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Expérience soumis le 18 May 2017 par Sofia Calafatis
I arrived at the hotel May 17th 2017 and the hotel had cancelled my reservation and no vacancy was available. They claim I arrived after 7:00 PM had no credit card or telephone# in the system. I had reserved one month in advance. To book online on their website the mandatory fields are contact information & credit card. The reception claimed I had not entered my information online ...this is not possible .......we do not have a choice! The reception called another hotel but this does not make it right.
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