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Alley Katz Bistro & Bar

145 Regional Rd 24 Lively (Ontario) P3Y 1J1
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Alley Katz Bistro & Bar is an establishment located in Lively, Ontario on 145 Regional Rd 24. Alley Katz Bistro & Bar is in the "Restaurant" category.
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145 Regional Rd 24 Lively (Ontario) P3Y 1J1
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Sunday, July 11, 2021 - 13:49
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I came here for the first time on 7/11 at 12:05 PM. My party was seated outside already and arrived slightly before me. I entered through the front door to an empty building. No staff inside. OK. I can put 2+2 together, I signed in at the table and walked outside to the patio and found my party. No wait staff outside either though. So, I walk back inside and wait a few minutes. A waitress comes out from the kitchen. (She was not carrying food, she was holding menus) I ask her if I can get a menu, and she gruffly replies: "You have to sign in first!" I reply, "I did." Then she goes "and, you're not allowed to enter the restaurant through the patio door, you need to use the front door" Since I had used initially used the front door, signed in, and was being treated like a piece of garbage by a business that should be OVER THE MOON for customers post COVID, I decided to immediately leave and will make sure that all my family, friends, coworkers, students, and student's parents stay FAR AWAY from this establishment. Looking forward to trying out the next restaurant after Alley Katz dies. Maybe the staff there won't be so miserable.

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